What clients say about our programs:

“I can not express in words how exciting your program was today at CEC. You two have a wonderful program with a vast array of instruments with which you engage your audience. Everyone had the opportunity to be a major part in the program and that was simply amazing. Frankly, our students are still on cloud nine with smiles from ear to ear. They absolutely loved the variety of instruments that they were able to play. One male student stated, “I feel better after beating on the drum today, it made me forget that I was even at CEC.”

 Thank you both again for making the long drive to Ridgeville. I hope to see you again in the near future.

As always, we welcome guests to join us in our daily mission to educate the children of SCDJJ. You did that today and made learning exciting and real for our students!”

Mrs. Pamela Lynn Childress-Altman
Lead Teacher, National Board Certified
SCDJJ- Coastal Evaluation Center
“Division of Educational Services”
331 Campbell Thickett Road
Ridgeville, SC 29472


“At the SC Department of Juvenile Justice School District, we serve the most serious “at risk” students, so they can be a “tough audience” for a guest artist. Our students were immediately mesmerized by Jeff’s energetic and informative presentation. In almost no time every student had an instrument in his hand and was actively participating in a carnival of exciting rhythms. Everyone — students and teachers — came away from his sessions feeling as if they had been part of a joyous musical adventure. “

Paul DeLigt
Arts Coordinator
SCDJJ School District

“We thank YOU, Jeff! Your rapport with people of all ages is a joy to see.”

Jo Prostko
Volunteer, event and education manager
Ten Thousand Villages

“Thanks again for a GREAT workshop last week. I can tell everyone had a great time.”

Ellen Westkaemper
Vice President, Education and Outreach
The Peace Center for the Performing Arts

“I just wanted to say thanks again for a wonderful week. We had so much fun and the kids will be talking about it for weeks. Last night was the first night I didn’t wake up singing the rhythms in my head. The kids never looked so happy. I have heard lots and lots of positive feedback from the teachers and the administration. I think it was a huge success. Thanks again for all your help with the planning and the program. It was great!”

Cindy James
Greenview Elementary
Music Specialist

“THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for being a part of KIDSPHERE. I was just as happy as can be when I heard the drums coming across the bridge and then, the drums on stage. YOU GUYS WERE JUST AWESOME. I certainly hope we can work together again someday.”

Ric Singleton
Artisphere Children’s Area Director

“Everything was wonderful!!! The performance drew raves from parents and teachers and the students had a wonderful time. In fact, please look in the mail soon for some thank you’s from the children. You have a wonderful way with the children and they learned so much from you. The fourth grade teachers have already asked if you could come back again!! Thank you so much for a wonderful residency and I hope you have a safe and happy summer.”

Lisa A. Cook
Music Specialist
Augusta Circle Elementary School

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