Stress in the workplace costs our nation over $300 billion per year. Drum4work can help reduce this stress and increase the Natural Killer cells in the body which help fight other diseases too. Drum4work Interactive Rhythm programs will motivate your group to work together and promote Health and Well-Being among clients by Improving Communication, Increasing Camaraderie and Creating Focus and Clarity. Your company’s Return On Investment (ROI) can be more than $60 for every $1 you spend with drum4work based on Reduced Turnover Rate and Burnout. Combined with your savings in Medical Expenses and Workers’ Compensation, it could be much more. Add the elements of your event’s focal topics, and drum4work can design these programs to compliment your curriculum for maximum benefit to connect your community.

Drum4work programs promote Health, Community and Individual Strength by motivating clients through Communication Skill, Creative Activities and Common Goals. Rhythmic exercises are derived from ancient world cultures, where they have been used for centuries to connect, inspire, energize, relax and heal. Our testimonials prove that we can provide these services for your event too. The basis of any successful relationship is Communication. Recreational Music Making stimulates both Left and Right Brain functions resulting in an internal connection that few other programs can achieve. Music is the Universal Language, and one of the best ways you can connect with others on a level much more fulfilling than simple conversation. You actually Feel the Rhythm on a deeper, more meaningful level. Let us integrate these ideas into your company goals to motivate your workforce with the Rhythms of Life.

What can Drum4work do for you? Everything we know in Life is based upon Patterns. From our Heartbeat to our daily schedule, we experience moments based on minutes, hours and years. Drum4work helps us return to a simpler element of this routine. We create a fun, energetic and informative way to combine Work and Play.

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