Keep The Rhythm Going!

“Help Keep the Rhythm Going” project needs your help to sustain our momentum.

We all need a little help from time to time. Our goals have always been achieved by investing all of our time, money and effort into creating more opportunities for people to learn, share and experience rhythm in our communities. We are asking for you to consider the difference you could help us make by continuing to offer our services and instruments to those in need. We love to leave our participants, particularly at-risk, underprivileged and special needs children, with a memento of a shaker, tambourine or small drum so that they can keep their rhythm going. It’s a small token, but it means the world to the person receiving it. Please consider donating a few dollars to help us keep motivating people with the rhythms of life!

Special Signature Shakers- Contact us about instrument package deals and how to have your event logo or company name imprinted.

We have been using DRUM4WORK SHAKERS in our programs for over a decade now, and we have witnessed them come back to us through some amazing testimonials. I’ve talked to corporate clients and teachers who use our “Stress Relief Shakers” to create a little personal release during their day by keeping them on their desk, and when they feel a the tension level start to rise, a shake… rattle… and roll brings a sense of nostalgia and comfort when they focus on our “shake your name and what you’re feeling” exercises. We’ve heard students of previous programs tell us how that our instruments are the only ones they’ve ever had access to (and allowed to play), and when they share their rhythms with friends and family after getting to take one home, they started instant jam sessions that brought everyone closer together. We have left them with cancer survivors,  alzheimer’s patients and elderly just because they needed something to hang onto that broke them hope and understanding. You can help us keep the rhythm going by donating a few dollars and a smile to make our community a better place to Live, Work and Play!

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