Rhythm 4 Play

This is what we do! We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to join us. You’ve already taken the first step in reading further into our website. One more step can add a new way to add more “play” into your day.

Rhythm and Pattern are some of the most basic elements of our existence. We spend our entire lives learning to connect to revolving rhythms that form the patterns of our daily activities. From the subatomic particles that create our universe to the essence of time, we learn to adhere to the guidelines that the forces of nature and supernatural powers have challenged us to be part of this game we call Life.

We offer fun rhythm activities and continuing education programs for YOUR HOME! Whether it’s an adventure-filled activity for home-school education groups or a birthday party inviting all your friends to play, we’ll make sure everyone has a great time learning and playing with our instruments! We offer private and group lessons on many types of percussion instruments. Contact us for more information about availability and pricing.

Printable Brochure for residencies

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