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“I will always consider myself to be a student, teacher, guide, and facilitator. I try to learn something new every day. I love to explore new places and possibilities, and I never want to run out of ideas to share others.”-Jeff Holland

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Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself. -John Dewey

“Our Musical Journey Around the World” explores many different cultures through the eyes, ears, and emotions that our ancestors used to create language, math, science, art, and music to share with us. As we develop ideas based on our experiences, we become more “in tune” with the world around us. Therefore our education is rehearsal for what becomes the greatest performance of our lives.


***Please help us to share the brochure below with schools and other organizations.***






Communication is the key to success, and rhythm is the foundation for communication. Think of the morse code, the way we walk, and how we talk.

How do you say “Hello?”

Learn how to clearly greet someone correctly in many different languages.

Now can you play the rhythm of your greeting on an instrument? Try tapping it out now. Don’t forget to play the accented syllable of each word on a louder sound. Hey, can you play the sound of your name through an instrument? Can someone else recognize what it is without your telling them? The ultimate goal of a musician is to “speak” with the sound of an instrument to their audience. And yes, you can try this even if you’re the only audience member, but it’s more fun with a friend.

If you can say it, then you can play it! Can you think about other words you can say & play?

Here is a greeting we have used to incorporate rhythms into musical sentences, so they are easier to remember. Try saying the sentence while you tap and clap the rhythm below. Don’t forget to smile when you greet someone!

Try these musical sentences as a greeting for your group! Make sure everyone is tapping and clapping to the rhythm of their words.

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