How do we DRUM4WORK? We motivate people with the Rhythms Of Life! We help people Live, Work, Learn, and Play Well Together! In short, we keep the rhythms going! We know that music has many positive effects, and Facilitated Interactive Rhythm Experiences take those positive effects to a whole new level. By drawing on the traditions that have used musical interaction for communal success, we help each group we DRUM4WORK with to achieve similar success based on their goals. We keep the prerequisites simple and concentrate more on the small steps that lead to a greater accomplishment. We also celebrate those small steps along the way. We provide the instruments, facilitation skills, and experience to help every group feel Inspired, Motivated, and Included in our collective successful experiences.

 Programs- DRUM4WORK programs are designed to meet the needs of each individual client. We offer free       consultation via your preferred methods of phone, email, or live video conference. Our experience archives are full of documented success, and our best advertisement has always been hands-on and word-of-mouth. How will you and your team DRUM4WORK? The metaphors that we present in our activities solve many different problems that we find with most groups: Diversity, Inclusion, Collaboration, Creativity, are just a few of the issues we have fun exploring. Your team will be fully engaged and entertained 100%! We offer and create new programs based on expected outcomes, strategic connections, and client fulfillment. We do what we do well, and we listen to what your group needs. We design an outline of program design ideas in our consultation, and then we implement those strategies within the parameters of the event.

  1. Diversity & Inclusion
  2. Health & Wellness
  3. Energizers, Education, Entertainment
  4. F.A.S.T.E.R. S.T.E.A.M.

 Preparation- We can supply everything we need for a program, but we believe success requires careful planning and preparation. During our consultation, we’ll discuss many factors to make sure everyone involved is ready and excited about our event.

Here’s a list of requirements that we suggest in our consultations:

A) Space- Sharing rhythm requires moving around and enough room for instruments. Generally, the more space, the better, although we’ve worked in about every environment you can imagine from auditoriums, banquets, board rooms, conference halls, to office areas, classrooms, and outdoor settings.

B) Chairs- We keep people moving and grooving, but when we use hand drums, chairs are necessary. We prefer to use comfortable chairs without arms, if possible. This allows for interaction and better access to the instruments. Seat spacing can also be discussed, as some exercises require a little more elbow room.

C) Sound- We can play very dynamically, but depending on the size of your group/venue; types of instruments used (or Body Beat), and amplification, Sound needs to be discussed. Ten people in an office setting using Body Beat, BoomWhackers, Small Percussion, and Frame Drums can barely be heard outside of the room. However, hundreds of people playing drums and percussion can really raise the roof. We play musically, and we can orchestrate each group to play within certain parameters.

D) Load In/Out- This discussion is very important to minimize our impact when moving equipment. Some quick questions: Is there “rolling access” for our carts? How close can we park to access event? Will there be someone to meet/guide us? Is there security clearance?

E) Timing is Everything in Our Business!- We’ll help decide what time to arrive based on your event schedule, setup, and other factors during our consultation. We understand that each event is different, and we are very accommodating.

Here are a couple ideas that work well for seating arrangements: 



Percussion- We use anything you can Shake, Rattle, Scrape, Hit, Bang, or Roll to Make Music in the Moment! True percussionists can share rhythm through everything they touch! We have collected archives of traditional instruments from around the world, and we help select the best options for each program based on the activities and themes provided. Body Beat is great for quick energizers or opener to some programs. BoomWhackers are tuned plastic tubes that can be easily distributed and musically advantageous to large groups. Hand Drums vary in size, material, and sound. Frame Drums can be played by fingers or mallets. Small Assortments and Orchestral Percussion can add a spectrum of colorful sounds to any ensemble. We are one of the few companies that offer Healing Sounds in our programs, such as Hand Pans, Chimes, Gongs, Nature Sounds, and Singing Bowls.

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Patterns- We have studied rhythms, instruments, and songs from around the world, and we love to educate while sharing. We have developed simple rhythms to use in our programs that are based on traditional musical cultures, but we can provide access to any participant level by facilitating the group experience. There are options to incorporate cultural rhythms, but we focus more on getting your group jamming together quickly and efficiently. DRUM4WORK believes that Inspiration comes first, followed by Motivation, then Exploration. We want everyone to play, keep the rhythms going, and then continue their journey.

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