•Clarity- Transparency is not always what it appears to be. To be perfectly Clear, one must be able to provide an absolute statement of Significance, Coherence, and Understanding of Why, What, and How something is being presented. For example, when someone expresses a statement, do you really know everything you need to know to understand what they are saying, or do you make quick assumptions about what they mean based on your experience? DRUM4WORK provides an explanation that is Crystal Clear. We acknowledge that speaking with the utmost Clarity takes many life-times of experience. WHAT we do is absolutely based on WHY we DRUM4WORK. We use traditional rhythms from ancient cultures to Reconnect, Refresh, and Reset our modern world. When we play together, you will feel WHAT these cultures have used as a Soundtrack to the Success!

  1. Mahābūta- Air, Water, Earth, Fire
  2. Instrument Introductions
  3. Using STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics)
  4. Origins of Music History & Culture

•Commonality- Everyone has Rhythm. Please don’t bother to waste your breath (…a rhythm) to tell me (…in rhythm) that your heart (…beating in rhythm) doesn’t feel (…neural rhythms) that you can play a simple rhythm with the group around you. We support each other, and the group supports us individually. It’s our experience and the larger whole feeding on each other. If you’ve ever breathed, walked, talked, thought, or lived, then you’ve been a part of a Facilitated Interactive Rhythm Ensemble. You don’t have to be a great singer to use your voice. You don’t have to be a great chef to prepare food to eat. You don’t have to be an olympian to play a sport. We all have traits in common. One Commonality is that WE ALL HAVE RHYTHM!

  1. One Note Samba
  2. Time Pieces (Watch & Listen)
  3. Sharing The Experience Of Common Goals
  4. The Sum Is Always Greater

•Creativity- We learn to be Creative. Maybe you had an imaginary friend with whom you liked to play, or maybe you dreamed you could fly like a bird when you were growing up. Developing the skills to be more creative could have begun when you were reprimanded for the first time, and you created a story instead of confessing the truth. Creativity comes from Inspiration, Preparation, and Motivation. How can DRUM4WORK help you be more creative? Synchronizing with very specific rhythms can improve and enhance your Creative Flow. We set the tempo, and keep the rhythms going. You need to get ready for the creative flood gates to open. We’ve developed programs based on proven research about Frequency Response and Rhythmic Intervals, and how both can align with Theta Waves while Drumming. These experiences can be similar to what ancient shamans used to alter their state of conscious by altering their brain wave activity. Entrainment (of sustained rhythmic sequences) can ignite your ideas and set your creativity ablaze!

  1. One Minute Meditation
  2. Invite Your Inner Child To Come Out And Play
  3. Eagle Beat and Universal Rhythms
  4. One… Two… Make Up Your Own!

•Community- Diversity and Inclusion are two of the problems in Our World today. We solve both of those issues in our DRUM4WORK programs. We help people Live, Learn, Work, and Play Well Together! We can turn Chaos into Cohesion. We Create Community in any environment within mere minutes. For thousands years, drumming around the world has been used to bring together, strengthen, and motivate communities. Let us create a prospering Community with your team. You’ll discover better Workflow, more Unity, and People Working Together to reach Common Goals!