• Why do we drum for work? I’ve learned through more than 3 decades that drumming has a powerful ability to produce Clear Communications, Better Connections, Interesting Collaborations, and Build Stronger Communities. There’s archives of research to prove these claims, and Personal Interaction shows that we can CREATE Celebratory Rhythm Experience Available To Everyone.

    Mickey Hart, drummer for the Grateful Dead, helped me begin my transition from Professional Percussionist to Facilitating Interactive Rhythm Experiences in 1991, when he opened my mind to the Healing Power of the Drum. He petitioned the US senate about RHYTHM AS A TOOL FOR HEALING AND HEALTH IN THE AGING PROCESS. Read his FULL ARTICLE.

    Dr. Barry Bittman published research about the actual Health Benefits of Drumming in 2001. He documented that Group Drumming Reverses Stress Levels and Increases Natural Killer Cells. Check out his SCIENTIFIC REPORT

    As a life-long student of the origin and benefits of rhythm-based cultures, I earned the title Multiethnic Percussionist with a strong interest in Ethnomusicology. In layman’s terms, I study the rhythms, instruments, and cultural connections, then I use that research to share my passion for teaching with every group. First, I learn how to Communicate in the traditional language of an instrument. Second, I figure out the Connection of that instrument to the voice that produces particular music from the culture(s) where it was traditionally used. Third, I experience how the rhythms and voice of each instrument Collaborate with the Cultural Ensemble or Participatory Audience. Fourth, I develop a program to incorporate those traditional instruments, techniques, sounds, rhythms, and songs in a way that both Respects the Cultural Origin AND offers accessibility to each Community that I meet with DRUM4WORK.

    Collaboration is a huge part of Success. When my careers changed from PerformerTeacherFacilitatorEntrepreneurConsultantSpeaker, I collaborated with like-minded individuals, networks, and groups to build my knowledge from their collective experience. I’ve taken specific trainings to enhance my skills like Village Music Circles, Health Rhythms Training, Business of Drumming in Business, DRUMBEAT, Vic Firth, Sabian Education Network, and 4 decades of instructional classes. I joined and worked with many committees like the Drum Circle Facilitators Guild (DCFG), drumSTRONG, Percussive Arts Society Interactive Drumming Committee (PAS IDC), International Classical Art Connections, Metropolitan Arts Council Smart Arts, and TEDx. I volunteer much of my spare time to supporting Cultural, Arts, and Community programs in Greenville, SC and beyond, because I believe that by learning and working together, we can accomplish much more as a group.

    I started facilitating Drum Circles in 1990 to help build a Community and provide inspiration, motivation, and encouragement when they needed it. I started a grass-roots organization in 2005 that has grown into OUR WORLD FESTIVAL INC, a 501c3 nonprofit that hosts events, workshops, and trainings for Cultural Arts. Through this network of artists, volunteers, and participants, we have supported Greenville, SC’s only Multicultural Arts and Jazz Music Festival. Our Community continues to expand with every event we organize, and when we bring our facilitation services into a Corporation, Classroom, Congregation, or Community Center, you can guarantee we bring a Festival feeling to everyone who participates. We help people make Our World a Better Place to Live, Learn, Work, and Play Well Together! That is the true definition of a Successful Community. -Jeff Holland

    Let’s break down some of our focal points, and you will understand WHY we DRUM4WORK:

    •Communication- Have you ever been misunderstood? Many elements are involved in learning how to clearly communicate your ideas. Eye Contact, Processed Thought, Body Language, Clear Delivery, Accurate Listening, and Response Time are skills that must be developed for success. All of those qualities can be expressed in short activities.

    1. Say Your Name, Play Your Name
    2. Rhythm Of Speech
    3. Call & Response
    4. Play A Story

    •Connection- One of the most important elements of human happiness is Touch. You can make connections in a variety of ways. We use our breath, heartbeat, nervous system, and other universal patterns to connect to the Rhythms Of Life. Day to Night, Biological Clock, and Seasonal Change are familiar moments in time. When we make the connection between our physical, mental, and spiritual sensuality, transformation can happen. Expressing Ideas and Emotions through an instrument are the ultimate goals of a artist (musician), but anyone can Play What You Feel and Feel What You Play. Making Music In The Moment with you and your team, connects each participant in a way that few activities can do better!

    1. Hey, What’s That Sound?
    2. Rhythms Of Life
    3. Sounds Found Around Us
    4. Multiple-Touch Systems

    •Collaboration- Every great team needs to work together toward common goals to be successful. Ideas are important to share, and sometimes Staying Focussed and On-Task can become challenging when teams are not Equal. Many of our programs are designed to Level The Playing Field and Open The Gateways of Communication and Connection. When we improve our rhythms of engagement, great ideas become Songs Of Success! Each person (and instrument) has a unique voice and history of experience. We can make Our World a Better Place to Live, Learn, Work, and Play Well Together!

    1. Circles Of Sound
    2. Instrument/Idea Exchange
    3. Reset, Renew, Refresh, Repeat
    4. Celebrate Rhythm Experience Available To Everyone