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It's who we are and what we do. Let us share our experience with you! We use rhythm (sometimes drums, percussion, and other musical instruments) to improve Communication, inspire Connection, enhance Creativity, encourage Collaboration, and build Community. Team-Building adventures, Hands-On excitement, Educational musical exploration, Multicultural awareness, and Vibrational Wellness are just a few programs that we incorporate into our rhythm extravaganzas. We build a theme based on your event, and we have a 100% success rate since 1999. Let our team motivate you with the rhythms of life. We show you how to keep the rhythms going too!

Our World Festival Inc.


We started hosting community programs in 1990. Then we moved up to school residencies, arts days, and multicultural festivals. Eventually we designed weekend retreats, cultural education workshops, and even huge street festivals. Our growing roster of cultural artists supports some of the most talented performers in the world. We became a 501c3 nonprofit to write grants, accept donations, and help expand our growth to introduce both a Natural Music Healing Center and a Vibrational Wellness Center into our Greenville, SC community. Contact us today to see how you can help make our world a better place to live, learn, work, and play well together! 

Sonic Energy Tour


Get SET for your Sonic Energy Tour! Our SHARE program (Sound Healing Active Rhythm Experience) utilizes instruments from ancient cultural traditions, current scientific research, and modern sound technology to focus positive energy through Vibrational Wellness. Our programs help you Tune Out, Tune In, and Tune Up your Mind, Body, and Spirit. Our SET Elements bring instruments born of Air, Water, Earth, Fire, and Space together to help you understand your connection to our natural world, then our Chakra-alignment systems and our facilitated interactive rhythm experiences help guide your rhythmic path to enlightenment. These programs have helped launch our Vibrational Wellness Center, and we can bring the tour to you!



I started teaching drum lessons as a young drummer around 1985 to share my love of rhythmic enlightenment with neighborhood friends. At the time, I was just charging enough to cover my own private lessons and eventually buy equipment I constantly dreamed to play. Three decades later, I still teach because I love to share, and I believe everyone has the ability to express their thoughts, talent, and technique with the world. I offer private, group, and online lessons to anyone who wants to learn percussive arts. Many of my journeys were inspired tracing the path of the modern drum set to its origins around the world, which also inspired me to share my knowledge of traditional cultural instruments too.

Jeff Holland Sonic Artist


Check out my YouTube channel to see some of what I'm sharing lately. There are many forms of art that I love to create, from researching techniques, and making instruments, to working with technology and visuals that know no boundaries. Consider that your senses are the sonic canvas, and my goal is to register on as many levels as I can to provide a holistic sensory experience. Sound Immersion Healing, Light Stimulation, Vibroacoustic Technologies, Shamanic Drumming, Breathwork, Guided Musical Meditation, Aromatherapy, and Sonic Energy are proven scientifically to holistically enhance your life and well-being, as well as shifting your networks on a molecular level.

Hum Strum Ukulele Club


Lori Ann Holland has been a part of our programs for over a decade now, and her love of ukulele has inspired yet another branch of our tree of life. She has built quite a repertoire of songs and stories to share, as well as a fleet of four-stringed instruments to keep a group humming and strumming along. Some knowledge of tuning and basic chords carries you along, as she selects songs around a theme that can fit any event. We've seen first-timers find the joy of jamming, and experienced players add artistic layers over the top, while everyone has a jolly good time with a smile on their face almost as big as the love in their heart. We host several public events each month that we post on our facebook pages.


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